Lifting cork floor tiles

Cork floor tiles are known for their strength, durability and light weight. As expressed in the website Aubrey Flooring, cork floors were popular in libraries, schools and museums during the early part of the twentieth century. However, tile, cork has declined in popularity with the emergence of new flooring materials like wood hard and rolled. Cork flooring lift can be extremely difficult due to the adhesive bonding the material to the ground.

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cork floor tiles baby


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cork floor tiles baby


Examine the condition on of the cork floor tiles and how they are attached. Depending on the age of the floor and the adhesive strength, may have begun to rise and loose. The cork or weakened adhesive makes the process of removing them easier.

Weak Areas

You can use a chisel and hammer in areas where the cork has started to come off the ground.


The cork floor tiles adhered well requires a little more work. Make use of a utility knife in order to make an incision between two tiles. Accept the chisel in the cut and hit with a mallet. Hitting horizontally diagonally BAL doses will make clear the floor.


A hammer and chisel usually is not sufficient to remove the tiles, cork due to the strength of the adhesive that joins the floor. However, this can be softened with a heat gun. Place the nozzle of the gun to the point where the cork floor tiles are slightly off the ground. Scraping as the adhesive softens and the tile strip. It works by combining sections using hammer and chisel with the heat gun.


The basement will probably be covered with adhesive-law have drawn the tile. This can be removed with a green sponge soaked in solvent. You must wear gloves and goggles during this process. Rub vigorously the adhesive and you can also use a spatula.