epoxy countertops kitchens

The stone epoxy countertops are a beautiful addition and textured for kitchens and bathrooms, but may be impractical if not constructed well. As the stones differ in size, shape and color, making a countertop with them would result in a rough, uneven surface. However, to cover the surface with layers of clear epoxy you get […]

limestone countertops care

Deep shadows and random patterns of fossil granite stone limestone add an exquisite touch to bathrooms and kitchens. As a stone naturally softer, however, the stone limestone countertops are vulnerable to etching by acidic foods and household cleaning solutions. The granite stone unsealed limestone is more prone to be recorded than sealed. The marks usually […]

countertop edges for laminate

Laminate countertop edges are an inexpensive way to update a kitchen. Materials for laminating are not expensive and you can even install them. The edges of the laminate countertops are installed in a similar way to the top, being cut with special tools that make the job relatively simple. When the professional design speaks on […]

zinc countertops chicago

Zinc countertops – The steel plates for the counters of bars and restaurants have used for centuries; but now, many homeowners is using it in their own kitchens as countertops, because the appearance of the steel plate away from the normal and is quite durable. There are three types of steel sheets for countertops: zinc, […]

flor tiles basement

Flor tiles – Having nowhere to escape the weekends is a great gift you can give to your family, your children and why not your friends. Having a cottage is one of the projects that all we ever dreamed, but once you have it, it is very important to address the many issues and special […]